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Random Grumbles

On The Passing of Mr. Hoffman, Empathy, and Coolness.

February 6, 2014 Random Grumbles

Some people are narrow-minded in ways that I just can’t get down with. Empathy is a HUGE thing with me. But I’ll get back to that… When it was reported that Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an apparent heroin overdose on Super Bowl Sunday, at first the flood of comments were ones of shock (of […]

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On Clickbait and Rampant Assholery on the Internet.

January 24, 2014 Random Grumbles

Recently, this photo started circulating on the internet: White woman sitting on “black woman” as bondage-esque chair. (For the record, the black lady isn’t real – it’s all synthetic.) *whispers* And in the name of full disclosure, I must admit here that the first thing I noticed in this pic was that gorgeous walnut and […]

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Ear Candy: Bastille

January 24, 2014 entertainment stuff

Sometime last year, my friend Sophie sent me a link to a song – more of a mash-up, really – combining TLC’s 1999 loser-boy anthem, No Scrubs with The XX’s lovely and haunting sort of tune, Angels… I knew both of these songs quite well, and liked each, but I wouldn’t have considered either of […]

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And Now, Back to Me…

January 13, 2014 Random Grumbles

It’s January, you know… oftentimes it’s killer-cold outside, so I remain as close to the fireplace as humanly possible for as many hours as I dare in a day. The only upside to this time of year is this self-imposed hermitude is gives me some time to sit still and ponder a bunch of crap […]

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Act II

August 19, 2013 music stuff

Summer is on it’s way out, slowly but surely… and my kids will be back in school in a little over one week – both at the same place, with the same timetable, same days off… one destination. No more of this half-day-picking-up-someone-at-lunch bullshit. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for years. […]

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The Way She Moves

August 14, 2013 Random Grumbles

So, last week I had some friends come to stay for most of the week. A wonderful couple I adore… we only see each other about once a year, but thanks to social media and things, we converse very often, and I’m on track with their lives and such. But, everybody knows tete-a-tete is always […]

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On Kissing and The Dog Days of Summer

August 12, 2013 entertainment stuff

A new word came to my eyes recently: BASOREXIA What the hell is that, I wondered… feels made-up. BASOREXIA. Would that be from the French, meaning to kiss? Baiser? As in, to have an appetite for? And so I looked online, and an UrbanDictionary definition came up first, which semi-confirmed the made-up-ness of the word. […]

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Close Encounters of the Jerk-Ass Kind

June 11, 2013 Random Grumbles

So, the other day I was at the ATM, with my gigantic headphones on, withdrawing some cash. I was one of two people in the vestibule, and I used the second of two available guichets… halfway through my transaction, I noticed an older woman, and two older men men had formed a line behind me, […]

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Three Things + a Random Pic – 11/May/13

May 11, 2013 entertainment stuff

There are some excellent things flying around on the internets… these are my favourites from the last week, and you should click on them because I know from what’s good. 1. First of all, the very excellent Allie is finally BACK, yo – it’s been a long time coming, and I’m so very, very pleased […]

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