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Random Grumbles

On Clickbait and Rampant Assholery on the Internet.

January 24, 2014 Random Grumbles

Recently, this photo started circulating on the internet: White woman sitting on “black woman” as bondage-esque chair. (For the record, the black lady isn’t real – it’s all synthetic.) *whispers* And in the name of full disclosure, I must admit here that the first thing I noticed in this pic was that gorgeous walnut and […]

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Ear Candy: Bastille

January 24, 2014 entertainment stuff

Sometime last year, my friend Sophie sent me a link to a song – more of a mash-up, really – combining TLC’s 1999 loser-boy anthem, No Scrubs with The XX’s lovely and haunting sort of tune, Angels… I knew both of these songs quite well, and liked each, but I wouldn’t have considered either of […]

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And Now, Back to Me…

January 13, 2014 Random Grumbles

It’s January, you know… oftentimes it’s killer-cold outside, so I remain as close to the fireplace as humanly possible for as many hours as I dare in a day. The only upside to this time of year is this self-imposed hermitude is gives me some time to sit still and ponder a bunch of crap […]

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Act II

August 19, 2013 music stuff

Summer is on it’s way out, slowly but surely… and my kids will be back in school in a little over one week – both at the same place, with the same timetable, same days off… one destination. No more of this half-day-picking-up-someone-at-lunch bullshit. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for years. […]

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The Way She Moves

August 14, 2013 Random Grumbles

So, last week I had some friends come to stay for most of the week. A wonderful couple I adore… we only see each other about once a year, but thanks to social media and things, we converse very often, and I’m on track with their lives and such. But, everybody knows tete-a-tete is always […]

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On Kissing and The Dog Days of Summer

August 12, 2013 entertainment stuff

A new word came to my eyes recently: BASOREXIA What the hell is that, I wondered… feels made-up. BASOREXIA. Would that be from the French, meaning to kiss? Baiser? As in, to have an appetite for? And so I looked online, and an UrbanDictionary definition came up first, which semi-confirmed the made-up-ness of the word. […]

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Close Encounters of the Jerk-Ass Kind

June 11, 2013 Random Grumbles

So, the other day I was at the ATM, with my gigantic headphones on, withdrawing some cash. I was one of two people in the vestibule, and I used the second of two available guichets… halfway through my transaction, I noticed an older woman, and two older men men had formed a line behind me, […]

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Three Things + a Random Pic – 11/May/13

May 11, 2013 entertainment stuff

There are some excellent things flying around on the internets… these are my favourites from the last week, and you should click on them because I know from what’s good. 1. First of all, the very excellent Allie is finally BACK, yo – it’s been a long time coming, and I’m so very, very pleased […]

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Always, and Never Again, Zara.

March 15, 2013 fashion & beauty stuff

Last week while we were away in the woods for March Break, I read my friend Jennifer’s status update, saying the clothing retailer Zara had just launched their shopping online. I think I actually squealed. And Martin asked, “What?” and I breathlessly replied that Zara had finally built a shopping cart into their site. He […]

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