Spelling It Out, However You Wanna

April 15, 2014

in Conversations With Oliver,The (misc.) Adventures of Grumble Girl

The other evening as I was getting gussied up to go somewhere, I caught Oliver leaning in the bathroom doorway, watching me. I’d been plucking a few stray grey hair from my head, and quickly explained to him that though they didn’t really bother me, I found them distracting sometimes. When I catch my reflection, I keep thinking that white thing I see is a bit of fluff, or dry scalp or something… so I just get rid of it so it doesn’t bug me.

He: You have lots of them in the back.

Me: I’m sure I do. I can’t see them, so they don’t bother me at all. But I am having trouble getting this one… *points to a spot at the side of head I can barely see*

He: Would you like me to get it for you?

Me: Would you? Thanks! Daddy never helps me. *hands tweezers over sits on toilet seat*

He: Why won’t daddy do it?

Me: Oh, I think he just thinks it’s weird and unnatural. He’s worried that it’ll hurt me. And you know, I’ll stop one day when I have more grey hairs than black ones. I mean, otherwise… I’d eventually have to pluck them all out, right?

He made a small smile, but his face quickly returned to a concentrated mask as he plucked out one silvery hair, and then another.

He: Does this hurt you?

Tender boy. His voice sounded small with regret.

Me: Not really. I’m ready for it. Of course, if you just walked up to someone and yanked a hair out, it would be more than surprising… but I’m ready. It’s okay. Really.

He was still quietly unconvinced, I could tell. I decide to distract him.

Me: Hey, do you remember what we call the end of the hair? The little part like a plug, that keeps the hair in your scalp? What that’s called?

He: Um… it’s, um… does it start with ‘F’?

Me: Yes.

He: Ffffff… faaa…

Me: Hmmm?!

He: No, I forget.

Me: It’s folicle. Can you spell it?

He: Um… eff, oh, elle…”

Me: Yes…

He: Eff, oh, elle, eee…

Me: Eff, oh, elle, eye.

He: That’s what I… I was… I’m spelling in French.

Me: Oh! Excuse me. Continue.”

He: Okay. I’ll start again, en Anglais.

Me: As you wish.

I really take such delight in hearing him switch in and out of his language like this. Like, so much.

He: Eff, oh, elle, eye… cee… ay… elle?”

Me: Almost. Cee, elle, eee. Fo-LI-cle. But you were close. Enunciation. You know. It helps with spelling.

He: Mmm-hmm. That’s why you sound like that when you talk to Ava?

Me: What do you mean?

He: Well, just today, you said caah-rot, and not… you know… kerrit.

Me: Well, how would you spell ‘kerrit’ if I said pronounced like that?

He: Um… kay, eee, are…

Me: See? Not helpful when you’re just little and learning.

He: Yeah.

Me: *lays palm out for tweezers* You can stop now – we don’t have to get them all, you know.

He: *gives me a once-over* You’re pretty, mummy.

Me: *gives him sidelong glance* Stop it. I’m already married.


He’s a nice kid. Not too shabby with the spelling, either. En Francais, that is.

  • Alice

    you two.

  • http://www.wabisabiwife.com saraspunza

    Oh, love this. My son is almost 17. Gets his driver’s license next week. I have three daughters and I love them too. I love them immensely. Primally. Protectively. But the boy. Oh how he makes my heart proud and sad at the same time… Sad, with the knowing that he will venture out into the world, as he should, and I will miss him so.
    Thank you for reminding us all how wonderful our boys are…

  • http://agoldzahn.blogspot.com/ Anna Goldzahn

    oh, these eyes… ))) But I’m married too.. )

  • http://www.grumblegirl.com/ Grumble Girl

    He’s kinda cute, this kid. :)

  • http://www.grumblegirl.com/ Grumble Girl

    Love you back, Miss Alice… *smooches you*

  • http://www.grumblegirl.com/ Grumble Girl

    Boys really can be such a treat… I’m trying to savour these days – may he never change. *sniff*

  • http://www.thensorommaproject.com Maame Akesi Boa

    These tender moments with our sons… mmm <3

  • http://www.grumblegirl.com/ Grumble Girl

    Tender they are… : )

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