Nothing Says I love You Like Weapons of Mass Destruction.

February 14, 2011

in The (misc.) Adventures of Grumble Girl

It’s Valentine’s Day, and though we’re not over-the-top with celebrating and stuff, I thought I’d get a few things for the kids. So they can beat the hell out of each other. Which saves mummy the hassle. (Gawd, I love these kids…)

Whaaaaat?! Wasn’t there a MASSACRE and whatnot on this day? C’mon….

I’m not a huge fan of buying toys from the dollar store – cheap plastic crap that breaks in about 10 minutes anyway… you get what you pay for. But, if you add some inexpensive festive tissue and stickers, sometimes a bunch of cheap plastic crap that breaks in 10 minutes is the PERFECT thing. Thank you, Dollarama!!

This took a bit of tape, and about fifteen minutes of time – et voila! Weapons of mass destruction disguised as love presents. (And I threw in a couple of bags of Hershey’s Kisses for good measure too.) Now Oliver can play whack-a-mole with his sister, and I won’t worry much about her head breaking apart and spilling her jam-like brains everywhere.

The funniest part of it all is that Ava Scarlett (home from school today with a cold she’s had all weekend) stood about eight feet away from me in the very same room as I wrapped and photographed all this stuff… she was heavily engrossed in Play-Doh at the time. I find that amazing.

I’d planned to hand-deliver a sushi lunch to Martin at work today, but I’m staying close to home with Madame. I can save that surprise for another random day. ‘Tis rather grey and gloomy-looking ouside as I type this… I think my unwell Tinkerbell could use some soup and a nap. I could use a break from her irritable and crusty demeanour. As well as her nose…

But it’s all good. There’s a lovely bottle of Veuve in the fridge, thanks to Martin’s other wife (AKA Awesome Bosslady) and I believe he’s making me dinner tonight. (I say “I believe” because if you “believe” then oftentimes these things can magically happen. Heh.)

Watch this video. It makes me smile.


Happy Valentine’s Day, people! Whether you’re in the celebrating mood or not, spreading the love is never a bad thing. ;)


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