I’m procrastinating slowly getting to the process of cleaning up our basement, which has been a complete and totally holy disaster for about a year… it’s full of renovation refuse and a whole whack of other stuff that isn’t exactly junk, but it all just needs to be sorted and put away. All of it. It’s a huge mess, yo. I’ve been forcing myself because it’s tax-time, and the receipts are EVERYWHERE! Lordhavemercy. Anyway, the receipts have mostly been found (I think) so I’m back to the task of sorting and purging. When I feel like it.

Since working on the bookshelves in the TV room, I keep recalling little things I have somewhere in the house which might be perfect for this little space, or for that one… and since culling all the kids artwork and stuff, I’m taking images out of some frames, and adding fresher ones in their stead. Sometimes this frees up frames. Which reminds me of other frames I have… somewhere in the basement… man, it’s a lot of stuff.

I could have brought up about eight large frames I intend to rehang in the hallway, but I won’t do this for two reasons. 1) I want to re-group them differently that we did before. I loved the long row of them at hung gallery level, but we’ve had them like that since forever, and I’d love to hang them into a grid this time. To do this, I need to find a ninth image + get another frame = another project. And b) I HATE the wall colour of the hallway, and it just cannot stay. I simply can’t live with it. It needs repainting (one of these find days when the weather is much warmer) and I just know if I hang them in the interrum, we won’t repaint for years. I just know it. Believe me. Complacency is just a foul, dirty word. My kids will be in highschool before we repaint it, if I hang anything on the walls today. It’s gospel, I tell you.

So I’m not hanging those ones now. (But oh, how I miss them…)

Instead, this week I’ve been working on another little project I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Besides using up a few empty frames kicking around the house, I managed to clear my kitchen counter of a bunch of framed pictures, which makes the island itself seem bigger and airier than it had in a long time. I LOVE how much more surface there is again!

It feels like there’s more room to actually sit there, without feeling like you’re about to knock everything over with your elbow. Not to mention the fact that I finally took out some baby pictures of the kids, and framed more recent ones I’m sure I’ll be happy to look at for another bunch of years. There are a few baby ones I still adore looking at, but most are from the last year. I want to remember to switch them out more often.

I’ve been fussing with them all week, switching a few images, and adjusting the hanging spots here and there, but overall, I’m pretty pleased with it now. Something new to look at. We will repaint the kitchen eventually too, so it’s kind of a trial. I think I like it.

I put some handmade felt finger puppets into a shadow box – it’s what I’d intended to do with them when I bought them in the first place (after playing with them for some time, I mean) and though it’s sitting atop that little desk, it will go in the children’s room once we get the picture ledges from Ikea one of these days. Shadow boxes are good for many things.

And this little red desk? It’s child-sized… I guess it used to have a roll-top cover at some point (long gone) and it has a little drawer. I want to paint it, and put a lovely knob or pull on it someday. I was thinking I’d paint it black in a satin finish, but I’m not certain yet. Thoughts on colour? Anyone?! It will require a little chair too. Hmmmm… are there pint-sized Eames tuffets available anywhere?

So many projects. So many things to buy from Ikea. So little patience. I want it NOW dammit!!

Okay, back to the basement of doom…


  • Melissmiley

    you inspired me to re-frame…! Great job mama

  • Grumblegirl

    Thanks, lady! I’ve been wanting to do this for AGES… so, So, SO many projects, holy crap…

  • http://bloggingtoabetterbonnie.blogspot.com/ Hepburnsfamily

    You framed the “rock star” photo!! I love it!! Your home is beautiful. Keep going mama. It will be work all the worth. Promise.
    Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!

  • Grumblegirl

    Oh, thanks!! And yes, I DID frame the rock star one… it’s a bit dark, and it’s small at 4″ x 6″ and I might print a larger version for somewhere else in the house… we’ll see. I’m happy with it so far. YAY!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend to you and yours too!! xox

  • http://bloggingtoabetterbonnie.blogspot.com/ Hepburnsfamily

    I just reread my comment… obviously my typing fingers can’t keep up with my brain and of course, that should have been “worth all the work” not “work all the worth” – hahaha.
    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

  • Lonismits

    You could be my decorator any day! Love!

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