She’s Three – photos

January 23, 2011

in The (misc.) Adventures of Grumble Girl,The Ava Scarlett Show

Our littlest one turned THREE the other day, and though I already posted something over here, I wanted to post my very favourite pics from her last year – she’s grown and changed quite since last January, my little darling girl:

Wow. Lot of changes since last year, right? Who would have thought her hair would ever look like this… she kills me.

Happy Birthday, my poppet! You are loved, more than you’ll ever really know.

Go! Up!!

Love, mummy.

  • Jenbshaw

    love, love, love. She is just too adorable for words.

  • Grumblegirl

    Thanks Jen! It’s rather nice to have a girl, isn’t it? Hee!!

  • Bibliosaurus

    I am so in love with this little girl, and with you my dearest GG.

    Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett!

  • Stephanie Keobel

    She’s just the sweetest little, little! OMG <3

  • Grumblegirl

    You need to GET HERE and kiss her yourself, lady… xoxoxox

  • Grumblegirl

    Thanks, lady. I suppose we’ll keep her. ;)

  • Mommymae

    (a very belated) happiest of birthdays to your darling girl. she is just too sweet.

  • Grumblegirl

    Thanks so much, lady… :)

  • Megan Jordan

    I’m not sure what forms we’ll need to fill out, but I need you to be my mom immediately. If not for the style alone. Good God, woman. Gorgeous!

  • Grumblegirl

    Well, aren’t YOU just the sweetest person ever!!  Thanks so much for dropping by, lady!  Wow.  xox

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