It’s been a while since I’ve been here… we’re holed up in only 2 rooms of the house (well, three if you count the bathroom) so besides writing over here I’ve basically been doing my best not to murder the children, who have literally been underfoot lately. Man, they make a lot of noise. Thankfully, everyone is well and healthy, and they’ve both still got all their limbs and things.

We’re entering week-4 of this painting project, and though I’m happy we’re finally in the swing of things, I am trying not to be so wildly impatient. I’ve been dreaming of these projects for the better part of a year, so nothing is moving fast enough for me. Also, Painter is a solo-worker. And he works fairly quickly, but he’s still only one man. Le sigh. Finished soon though.

And due to a few foibles along the way such as running out of paint on a Friday, which meant not being able to set up bedroom again over weekend… and illness of Painter’s kid (so he needed a few days off) and more time sanding than we’d predicted… we’re a bit behind. But it’s coming. S-l-o-w-l-y.

the weird scheduling of things has also meant that our family of four have been sleeping in the same bedroom for the past five nights. We’re on the pull out couch (with our enormous bed mattress atop the pull-out mattress) and the kids are sharing a twin mattress on the floor at the foot of the couch.

I know.

I love the colour of this room though. And it’s finished!

And with all the sanding dust, we’ve been under plastic for a few days. I feel like a couch at my grandmother’s house. Only a shade younger and prettier.

We’ve no longer got the plastic-drapes-of-dust-protection at every doorway, I’m happy to report. Still, the furniture grouped together in places in the house look like this:

But the paint is done!! (Except for the doors.)

How do you like that dust? Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe vacuuming? It’s a serious hatred – a story for another day, perhaps.

I’m so happy to report that the hideous light fixture we’d vowed to remove the very second we moved into this apartment (as a rental!) thirteen years ago, is finally GONE and we’re looking for a suitable replacement. And I love the paint colour too. Yay!! *skips and claps doing happy dance*

This last room is being finished as I type this – the second coat is going on the walls – and I’m a bit afraid that I’ve selected a crappy colour. Actually, I like it enough in the day – gray-er and greener than it appears here… only it looks like a plain old beige with the lights on. Which is MOST of the time in the winter… I might have to change it. Ack. I wanted it whiter than this – it mos def won’t look white next to the new white dresser and shelf(s) going up on the wall to the left of the door… oh, balls. I don’t know. Martin says we can just get another gallon of paint and get a better colour if I want…

Mostly I want this whole job finished. And I hate wasting time and paint and money. But really, I will hate moving all the furniture back into place, but then gag every time I look at that room. Fuckballs. Ack. Ack. Ack.

I’ll have a look at it in the light later today, I guess.

* * *

In other news, my birthday is on Wednesday. Let the month of festivities begin!


  • Elizabeth @claritychaos

    I love all the trim in your place…gorgeous. And that bed actually looked really comfy…makes me want to crawl in and hide under the covers all day. :)

    Happy early birthday, beautiful!! xoxo

  • Pat Steer

    Looks very classic, but I know that empty feeling when you think ‘it’s not quite right’.
    Dilemma, dilemma. From here it looks great!

  • GrumbleGirl

    Thanks, friend! The trim takes forever to paint though… And the bed is so HIGH, it’s comical. It’s like trying to jump up onto a counter top to sleep – TALL! I have to remember to look down when I get out of bed, lest I should fall out and break an arm or something. Heh.

    Birthday! YAY!!

  • GrumbleGirl

    *groan* I know. I’m thinking maybe with a whiter bulb in the fixture, that might help – regular bulbs cast such a reddish-orange glow, it’s terrible. That might help. I really don’t want to change it… but I suppose it would only take one day to go over it, since the trim is already finished. We’ll see.

    And then YOU’LL see when you visit… soon!!

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  • Stephanie Keobel

    Love it!
    Also seeing as how it’s *almost* Wed:
    Happy birthday friend! I hope it’s nothing short of the relaxing magical day you totally deserve!

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