She’s Two!

January 21, 2010

in The Ava Scarlett Show

My, oh my. My delicious baby girl turns two today. I can scarcely believe how quickly the time is passing… and though I kid about her antics, she is a wonderful child. She can be a stubborn mule, but for the most part she is very sweet. Curious, talkative, charming, and very bright. She smiles a lot. She laughs like it’s gonna be her last one ever… she sounds like whatever it is that’s so funny is just KILLING her! I love that.

I snapped the first pic in this lineup just a few days before her scheduled C-section delivery. I had one with her brother, four years earlier (which was unplanned) and since the procedure was so easy and stress-free for me, and I healed so quickly, I opted for the same method the second time. If nothing else, they’ve got nice-shaped heads, these kids. The second and third pics are from within her first week… and the rest are just some of my favorite images I’ve captured during her short life thus far. Just look at how she’s grown!

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That’s my baby. The baby I wanted so much to be a boy at first. Ultrasound said there’s a vagina and we were floored. “A girl? Really?! Are you sure? Um, what the hell am I going to do with a girl?!” But she arrived, early in the afternoon, all 7 pounds and 3 ounces of her, lily-white and blue-eyed. Amazing.

All told, she’s a lovely little creature. Walking and talking on the early side, and kinda tiny. Big, brown eyes like mine, with sweeping long lashes, like daddy’s. She’s a clever little monkey too. Sings all the live-long day… she counts as she’s climbing steps, or lining up grapes. She loves lollipops. And pasta. And French fries. She won’t drink milk anymore, but thank goodness for cheese and ice-cream. I wish she’d eat more at one time, but she appears to be growing perfectly well… I don’t worry about it. She continues to be a good sleeper, and though the naps are getting shorter, she’s happy to announce that she’s tired, and heads for the crib. Not bad.

Ava Scarlett, my darling girl… I can see that you’re well on the way to being a headstrong woman. We will fight. I will lose. But I wouldn’t want you to be any less than you are. I have such high hopes for you… for now, let’s just talk a whole lot more so I can know what goes on inside that funny little head of yours. You daze me sometimes. Your level of understanding of the things around you is truly awesome. You made me get more in touch with my sense of girliness, and now it would appear that I cannot resist a tutu. For you, or for myself. What a hip little kid you are! Cool.

Let’s keep singing our jazzy renditions of Pop Goes the Weasel, and make up silly rhyming songs about cutting off toes and baking them into pies. I love that you think those games are hysterical. I think you are hysterical. And who ever thought patent-leather shoes could be so much fun?


Happy Birthday, baby. I love you very much, my sweet peach. Je t’aime, beaucoup-beaucoup.

And thanks for not giving me stretch-marks.


  • Lisa Rae @ smacksy

    Uncommonly beautiful child.
    You make such nice ones.
    Happy Birthday Ava!

  • Grumble Girl

    Thanks, friend. If I put her up for auction, you'll be the first to know. I'm kidding!! (No, not really…)

  • Lisa Rae @ smacksy

    Count me in.

  • pat steer

    You are smiling, and I'm smiling..

  • drawingcowboys

    shes just gorgeous GG. want to kiss her smiley little nose!

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  • bdsigel

    I love her to bits!
    Happy Birthday Ava Scartlett. How lucky I am to witness her deliciousness in person. Hope all her wishes come true. Now and forever.

  • stephiekins

    I love the name scarlet in conjunction with Ava! OMG the pictures are beautiful lady! Your both so very photogenic and stunning!
    Could I use any more exclamation marks? ha ha. Should be cleaning, not reading ;)

  • Laurin Evans

    She sounds like such a sweetie-pie. And, on a purely superficial note, clearly you could be too busy managing her blazing career as a child model to blog, but I'm glad you're blogging.

  • mommymae

    oh, dear! what a beauty. both of you! a happiest of days the day after her birthday!

    mwah! mwah!

  • bethany

    And, she's BEAUTIFUL… what a lovely letter for her… or remembrance.

  • Grumble Girl

    Yes… she's very nice, you know.

  • Grumble Girl

    Thank you! And it really is the cutest nose ever…

  • Grumble Girl

    She loves you so much… you have no idea. As I do.

  • Grumble Girl

    And we call her by both names, together. Every time. I love it too! And thanks for the compliments, lady. ;)

  • Grumble Girl

    I tried it with the other one, but he wasn't having any of it. “No thank you, mummy.” Le sigh. I might try again with this one, but SHE:S A MULE, so I won't hold my breath about it…

    And thanks for reading, friend.

  • Grumble Girl

    Thank you! We're really having a fun time… we're drawing it out by having cupcakes every day. Fun!

    Mwah back!!

  • Grumble Girl

    Thank you, Bethany. She's my girl. I can't believe she gets to live with us. It's nice having her here! xox

  • MommyMelee

    She is sosososososo cute. I adore this post. And that yelling picture is awesome.

  • Grumble Girl

    My sister took that shot – I love it too. Thanks, you.

  • Grumble Girl

    My sister took that shot – I love it too. Thanks, you.

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