Twilight – The Whole Damn Series

July 16, 2009

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The author of this saga, Stephenie Meyer, is so frickin’ smart. At the end of the first novel in this series, she very trickily added the first chapter of the sequel to the back… it’s a brilliant move to snare you hook, line, and sinker into the stories to follow. A few chapters into the sophomore story, I just knew she’d trapped me into reading them all. Balls.

twilightFollowing the first story are New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. These reads are good ones. The stories drip heavily of themes like love, desire, trust, betrayal… vampires and werewolves and humans (oh my!) entwined with Native legends of monstrous dogs and an elegant Italian bloodsucker mafia… all that good stuff. The action is pretty intense, and the stories are, well… fun! And sexy too.

I will say that by the time I was on the fourth book, our heroine, Isabella Swan, was beginning to tread on my last fucking nerve… all that teen-angst was making me feel like I was regressing into the high school bad place. I hated identifying with her, constantly worried about the what ifs of love… I’m so glad I’m passed that in my real life now. (Mostly.) Sometimes her martyrdom made me want to give her a smackdown.

I finished the series about a week ago, and still I’ve got many of these characters lingering in my brain, hanging around when I sleep. I’m glad it’s finally over. I’ll have to choose something non-fiction to read now, to shake these bloodsuckers from my neural reel. Back to reality.

Each story took me between four and six days to read because they were nearly impossible to put down. I don’t know that there will be any literary prizes won here, but they’re perfect for light summer reading. I will advise you NOT to read any more after the first story, Twilight, unless you’re ready to be sucked into the whole series. The pull is entirely too strong. There’s just no way to win against it. It’s brilliant, I tell you.

Consider yourselves warned. Happy summer!

NOTE: If the author ever writes a fully detailed vampire-sex story, I will be the first in line, camped out overnight at Chapters to buy it. I will stay up all night to read it. Yes. Good lord, vampires are super-hot.


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