Perhaps you’ve noticed all these memes flying around the internet lately. Frankly, I don’t love playing them at all, but that’s just ME… enjoy your Internets any way you wanna.

I donated to the ALS fundraiser after I’d been challenged by a caring friend of mine, though I was a bit reluctant to do so. I’m glad that clever campaign stirred so much awareness for the cause, but I didn’t like the gimmick – I wish people would just donate, though I understand how a gimmick just like this one is far more effective in raising the dollars. And that’s wonderful — truly — but, I was not dumping a bucket of ice water over my head for any reason. No fucking way. I mean, DON’T YOU KNOW ME AT ALL??!

I’m not opposed to donating to the ALS people of course. In fact, a good, kind person in my life lost his life to ALS earlier this year. When I learned of his diagnosis some time ago, I just stood there looking at his wife, feeling shocked and appropriately horrified. I knew what the outcome would be since ALS is nearly always fatal. That disease is insidious and awful, and my god, what a horrible way to die. I’m sorry you suffered so, Ray – I will miss you.

But I get asked to make donations to one cause or another several times a month. Associations that friends of all walks are involved in… charity walks and bike-rides, art sales, fashion shows, book drives, lots and lots of causes. And none of these are less important than any other. We need cures for cancer, and we need more research dollars for autism, just as much as we need food and clothes for people who lack, and literacy programmes for children, and dignified aid for our veterans… a somebody somewhere needs a well so their girls don’t get raped walking 15 miles to fetch fresh water each day… and we have to protect bees and polar bears and elephants… as a family, we donate to our own charity choices already, and as much as I’d like to, I just can’t write a cheque for everything.

We do what we can.

* * *

I was also asked to participate in the 7-day gratitude challenge where one must list three things one is grateful for each day, and nominate three people to join you.

My mother is sane and positive. (So is my father, but my mum is particularly so.) She has a way of always looking on the bright side of things — not in an annoying sing-songy way like, Oh, will you PLEASE just shut up with your Pollyanna ways, or anything like that. I don’t know if she’s ever realised what a blessing and a joy it is to think this way, and live accordingly. I don’t think she knows how much I appreciate (now) growing up in that kind of environment. And I realise this blog is called Grumble Girl — I can complain like a motherfucker when I want to — but it’s mostly in jest. It’s to entertain you people. But looking on the bright side of things is just this thing I do. I always have done. (You know — mostly.) It’s not exactly synonymous with the definition of grateful, but I do feel grateful a lot of the time. Many times a day, in fact. Yay for me.

I’ve never been much of a joiner — it’s just my way. But, this friend who nominated me pretty much told me she’d fly here, get in a cab, and drive to my house to punch me in the face if I didn’t do it. She was kidding, of course. (What can I say? Some of my friends are wayward as fuck.) But I love her, as I know she loves me. And I do feel grateful. All the time. If that’s counting your blessings, then I do so frequently. I will list three three for you now, but I’m not gonna nominate others because I hate that shit. (I’m also treating this as a one-day thing, because… because I’m tired and stuff.)

1. I have a head cold right now, but no matter how miserable I feel (or have ever felt when I have one) I’m truly grateful that’s all it is: a head cold. I will not die of it. In fact, I can still care for myself while I’m miserable. And as sad as I am that Martin and I are aggressively sharing this head cold (actually, he has his own) his time at home with me, though snotty and cough-y and phleghm-y, has been rather nice. Like a date in our own house while the children are at school. We are having romantic meals of hot chicken-and-rice soup that our darling neighbours made for us, and we share daytime cold meds, and pass the kleenex, and have tres unsexy, sweaty naps together on the couch. Because fevers. And while his glassy eyes are trained on me because he’s kinda high, each day he tells me how nice it is to be with me during the Haze of Illness. But, we will not die of these colds. Hallelujah.

2. Not being hungry is something I always feel grateful about. Every day. Making the school lunches? CAN TOTALLY SUCK IT. Many many many times a week, I bemoan the what’s for dinner? question, and there are times I truly loathe having to come up with another meal. Yes. And the truth is, I can seriously wreck dinner when I can’t force myself to put a little love into it. It happens sometimes. But, once I’m finished sighing and slow-blinking about it, I remember how fortunate I am that my cupboards have food in them, and I can make something tasty out of just about anything. I have never worried about where my next meal is going to come from. It’s a wonderful thing, and I am lucky indeed.

3. I read the same news as you do. All the headlines from all the countries… and I am eternally grateful that Canada is my home. Your healthcare can be determined by your geography. So can your life-expectancy. And your liberty. Living where I live is practically a “cure” to what so many people suffer from in the world — we have excellent education, clean water, social welfare — and it’s a happy miracle that I live here. Had I grown up in Jamaica, my life might have turned out drastically different. Canada isn’t a perfect country, and we have plenty of problems, and lots to be embarrassed about, and causes that need championing, but I read the world news… and we have A LOT to be proud about. I’m gratefully happy Canadian person.

Mmmkaaaay, Melissa?!

* * *

I’ll make lists for 10 books that have stayed with me, and the one about the movies too, but this head cold is no joke, and I need to lie down now. #myviewfromhere


And PLEASE REFRAIN from asking me to join Candy Crush or your farm something-or-other. I might have to slap someone. Seriously.



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