My kids watched School of Rock maybe fifteen times this summer, which pleases me to no end. The soundtrack is pretty good, and Oliver’s been hooked on this particular tune by The Ramones ever since… I can’t help but smile about it. He’ll say, “Can you please put on that head upside down song, please?” (Yes, he says please twice. Because he really wants it, and he’s just that polite about it.)

[Go on and press play...]

Last week we took a break from the homework Oliver helped his sister with, and I snapped pics as I watched them wrestle and rabble-rouse… Wow, that wee beastie of a girl can be pretty ferocious.







… and then becomes all the more so when she finds out her brother is being a big, fat faker feigning injury. So she tries to beat him to a pulp, of course.



We’re all rediscovering that the cure to homework doldrums is to take a little break, and GET DOWN.




Add some couch diving…



(Okay, okay… OHMYLORD… enough. ENOUGH!!)
These kids totally get all the way down.
She: Can you put it on again?
He: Pleeeease?!
Me: *beams and presses play again*
Happy Friday, all… get down with your bad selves. DANCE!!


All You Need Is Help

October 9, 2014 Conversations With Oliver

On Facebook, my friend Fiona once wisely stated: Homework — Kill it. Kill it with the fire of a thousand suns. I wanted to kiss her because I couldn’t agree more. (And she’s Irish, which would make the sound of this statement that much richer-sounding. That lilt, you know.) But oh, how I loathe homework hour(s). […]

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The Things I Keep Getting Asked to Play

September 10, 2014 Random Grumbles

Perhaps you’ve noticed all these memes flying around the internet lately. Frankly, I don’t love playing them at all, but that’s just ME… enjoy your Internets any way you wanna. I donated to the ALS fundraiser after I’d been challenged by a caring friend of mine, though I was a bit reluctant to do so. […]

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Both Strange and Familiar

September 4, 2014 Random Grumbles

I’m getting back into the groove after hanging with my little homies all summer long. They didn’t have a whole lot of camp, so we mostly walked and we walked, and we took the metro, and we walked some more. These fools would skip and sing and chat to me about endless amounts of things […]

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Head To Toe – July 10th, 2014

July 10, 2014 fashion & beauty stuff

You know that thing when it’s summer, and you’ve spent the entire day sweating your balls off, and then one of your super-gorgeous lady-friends calls to say, “Are we still on for drinks in an hour?” and you’re all, “Yeaaaaaah… suuuuuure…” and even over the phone, the girl sounds like she looks like a million […]

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Taking It All In

June 12, 2014 Random Grumbles

Don’t ask me where I’ve been… I reckon I don’t really know. I’ve been here, of course, but I think I’ve just been… thinking. About lots of things. Wondering. Sizing-up. Pondering all the things that happen in the course of a day and a life. Now that the light has really changed from the short […]

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Ear Candy: Best Friend

April 30, 2014 music stuff

Sometimes I can smell a summer-jam from a mile away. And I do believe there’s another by LA’s Foster the People on deck. You know they had that ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ song all over the airways a few years ago (and I still love that little bossa nova). You shouldn’t discard stuff just because it’s […]

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About That Time I Went to Florida.

April 30, 2014 The (misc.) Adventures of Grumble Girl

After landing at the Orlando airport, the heat hit me like when you open an oven door. And it was most welcome, since I’d just home with a late-season snowfall on the ground I knew would melt within 24 hours… it’s disheartening when one is desperately hoping for spring, and one gets and inch and […]

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Book: Motherhood

April 28, 2014 entertainment stuff

Some years ago when Oprah was still on the air, I watched as she interviewed some celebrity woman (I wish I could remember who it was) and one thing I remember this lady said was having a baby is like watching your own heart walk around on legs in front of you… or something to […]

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