You know that thing when it’s summer, and you’ve spent the entire day sweating your balls off, and then one of your super-gorgeous lady-friends calls to say, “Are we still on for drinks in an hour?” and you’re all, “Yeaaaaaah… suuuuuure…” and even over the phone, the girl sounds like she looks like a million bucks, and you take a good look at yourself in the mirror feeling like about ten bucks, and then you sigh, and frantically grab a cotton ball and douse your chipped, tacky nails with the stuff to remove the two-week-old manicure and shake your head thinking about what it’s going to be like sitting in the bar with said super-gorgeous lady-friend and you almost call to cancel, but then you don’t because cancelling is lame? Yeah, that.

That was me the other night, trying really hard not to let the fight I was having with my closet to turn into bone fide fistacuffs. Because really – I could kill my closet sometimes. I love summertime, but I kinda loathe dressing for this season.

But then I remembered that skirt. And I grabbed a black t-shirt (because black is beautiful) and pulled myself together. Silvery belt with some bling. Silver sandals. No time for cocktail rings and such… just grab those sweeping gold hoop earrings and go.


I love this skirt I picked up for a song a couple of summer ago, and given the narrowness and the length, which lends a sense of formality to it, I don’t wear it very often – but I should. It’s only made of jersey cotton, but the weight of the drape makes it read a little swankier than it is. And I DID NOT buy it in black, which is a bloody miracle, and I’m still super proud about it. This dreamy greyish-purple is one of the only other colours I wear. All my pinks lean this way.

Given the length, this skirt feels akin to wearing pants. Tight pants. This skirt is ill-advised for travelling via scooter, which is a drawback to this skinny pencil-y thing. One needs to take tiny, mincing steps while wearing it. Makes my bum go swish-swish. (Meow-meow…)


I prefer pants so I can stand like an ashole in ‘em – which less than fetching in this skirt.


Really, I just want to stand around like this when I wear it…


I mean. You’d feel all Zsa-Zsa about things too, if you had one on. Yes, you would.

But really, no one cares when you’re sitting on a barstool. All anyone can see is what’s up top, which is why one should never underestimate the power of a good v-neck t-shirt. *ahem*

I dare say that skirt made me feel way better about the fact that I’ve been blowing my too-long bangs out of my eyes for DAYS. (Haircut has since been had – hallelujah!)

Go get a maxi skirt. Seriously. And go out with your friends – don’t bail – no one really cares what you’re wearing anyway. ;)

lavender maxi skirt – Costa Blanca
black v-neck t-shirt – Forever 21
sliver blingy belt – Guess
sliver sandals – Coach

Fuck it – I’ma wear this skirt erry damned day…



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